Strategic Partnerships

Recommendations tailor-made to your crop’s needs:

Firstfruit’s sound scientific recommendations are based on individual farm data, to ensure that production practices and chemical programmes are adjusted to the specific changing needs of the crop ahead of critical crop stages.

A wealth of expertise at your service:

Firstfruit’s team is backed by industry experts with years of experience.

Powered by Industry Best Practices for agri-tech software:

By partnering with agri-tech software company Citrii, we use FarmNode to monitor irrigation and scouting data to provide data-driven recommendations and adjust according to the challenges that each season brings. The software can also be utilised to capture the technical practices of your farm like spraying, pruning, manipulation, etc.

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Indigo Fruit Farming specialises in the production of citrus and sub-tropical fruit (mango and avocado) in the six geographically diverse South African regions.

Indigo farms produce and pack fruit for globally renowned brands such as ClemenGold® mandarins, LemonGold® seedless lemons, HoneyGold® mandarins, NavelGold®, ClemenOrange® and Sweet C®. Its ability to successfully produce, pack and match available fruit to a variety of markets and the various countries’ consumer’s needs, establishes Indigo as a leader in the agricultural field. It manages to intentionally develop and adapt farming practices to specifically meet different market requirements in terms of external appearance, fruit size, chemical use constraints and most importantly, internal quality or tasting experience.

Citrii Software originated from the imperative within Indigo fruit farming to establish an internal technical division empowered by technology, with the specific purpose of developing applications to cater to their agricultural operations. This initiative inherently positioned Indigo at the core of all developmental endeavors, affording them direct involvement and profound familiarity with the evolving product.

As a consequence of this strategic decision, the collaborative partnership between Indigo and Citrii Software has matured into a pivotal force. Presently, the technical team and managerial personnel seamlessly integrate the software into their daily routines across the spectrum of activities encompassing farm management to packhouse operations. This sophisticated tool not only furnishes a concurrent overview of proceedings but also plays a substantive role in providing recommendations, facilitating decision-making processes, and meticulously maintaining records.

For more information, please visit or contact Indigo Fruit Farming at +27 (0) 13 004 0197 or