FarmNode is easy to use and affordable. It is the perfect way to improve your irrigation and pest management, so you can get the most out of your crops.

As a Farm Management Solution, we offer a variety of modules that cater for multiple agricultural management needs. Each of the listed modules were specifically designed to improve farming practices.

Modules Available:


Integrating thresholds and data across all modules, our dashboard highlights critical events, enabling farm management to swiftly identify and respond to issues.

Census & Orchard Mapping​

Easily map your orchards and keep updated sensus for your farm.

Crop Monitoring

Pest control through scheduled scouting, offline data capture, web-based insights, and tailored analysis for an all-in-one solution to your farm's pest challenges.

Chemical sprays​

Real-time monitoring, efficient tracking, and comprehensive reporting. From generating precise spray instructions to ensuring compliance with industry standards.

Orchard Action Tracking​

From pruning to growth regulations, natural disasters to crop management, our Orchard Actions Tracking module keeps you in command of every event.

Phenology Tracking​

Effortlessly capture the vital growth stages and natural rhythms of your crops using our scouting app, providing essential insights to optimize cultivation and forecast future growth.


Integrate weather data and soil monitoring for precise, optimized watering in your orchards.

Soil & Leaf sampling

Capture sample locations directly in the orchard using our offline capable app, and utilize detailed nutritional summaries for each fertigation grouping to guide informed decisions on future nutrition.

Crop Estimates

Precise and standardized estimates for yield, size, packout, and picking week, consolidating all essential crop information on one user-friendly platform.

Harvest Tracking

Seamlessly control over your harvest process, combining online and offline bin tracking, live summaries, and real-time accuracy to align estimates with actuals for a streamlined experience.