PackSys is an essential packhouse management solution that caters for the transition between incoming bins to outgoing pallets.

The modules included in PackSys are designed to help packhouse employees improve on accuracy and report on data. Its easy-to-use workflow makes it a great tool for everyday packhouse use and sets the stage for precise packhouse management.

Modules Available:

Bulk Receipts

Receive producer bins, assign unique bin numbers, and generate prompt receipt notes effortlessly.

Empty Bin movement

Simplify empty bin handling with streamlined tracking for smooth operations.

Agent Orders

Easily log orders from agents and exporters, enabling the linking of pallets to specific orders, and keep track of order progress. Print carton labels directly from the order plans.

Production Run

Establish a central run to which all features link. Generate a packout report with packout percentage calculations and comprehensive statistics.


Easily tip bins during a production run, while our intelligent inventory check ensures bin availability and matches against production run details. Moreover, streamline your post-packing workflow by tipping pallets.


Handle varying fruit grades as all the fruit that does not make the carton, can easily be transferred into rebins for later use.


Create pallets from a computer or mobile and assign them unique SSCC either through automated generation or manual input. Allocate pallets to agent orders, ensuring accurate tracking. When ready, easily print pallet IDs for clear identification.

Inspection List

Link available SSCCs to inspections for accurate tracking. Mark pallets as passed or rejected to ensure quality control.


Create intakes from inspections. Choose between automatic generation from the inspection list or manual completion. Print intake documents and send PI files. Moreover, enhance efficiency by seamlessly transmitting pallet information to both TUM and TITAN systems.

Load Out

Set up loading instructions that can be used to create a dispatch.

Pallet Dispatches

Connect pallets to loading instructions, and within this process, you can specify different transport types. Print clear consignment notes for organized record-keeping and streamline communication by sending PO files directly from the dispatch feature.

Bulk Sales

Allocate bins for bulk sale to processors or brokers.


Simplify your system setup by inputting essential basic information. This data serves as a central foundation, utilized throughout various features.


Our system offers key information on bin and pallet stock, enabling easy access to diverse reports and the sending of PS files. Additionally you have the freedom to design or adjust reports to match your specific needs.